Funeral Insurance Plans

Funeral Plan Overview

Many products on the market are primarily on the final services, which is burial. However FSG Zimbabwe is bringing a unique product offering for unique persons, ensuring a long, healthy life through various funeral insurance schemes.

What is FSGZ bringing to the market? 
FSG Zimbabwe offers packages that are all inclusive and covers all aspects of one’s life long journey. FSG Zimbabwe funeral plan has a premium payment term of 20 years.

Family Funeral Plans

Optional Riders Explained

  1. Total and Permanent Disability Benefit
    • A lump sum is payable following total and permanent disablement of member covered
    • Total & permanent disability speaks of a sickness or injury where a person is unable to work in their own or any occupation for which they are suited by training, education or experience.
    • Permanent disability is one that “will remain with a person throughout” his or her lifetime, or he or she will not recover from, or “that in all possibility, will continue indefinitely.”
  2. Hospital Cash Back (HCB) 
    Hospital Cash Back provides a cash payment to the Insured Person if admitted in a Hospital due to either an accident or illness. The benefit amount is in the form of daily benefit for each day spent whilst in Hospital. The policyholder should be hospitalised for at least 3 consecutive days as a registered in-patient on the recommendation of a medical practitioner. Hospitalisation shall be in any registered hospital in Zimbabwe.
  3. Double Accident Benefit (DAB) 
    In the event of death arising from an accident, cash benefits are payable over and above the Core Funeral benefit.
  4. Memorial & Tombstone Benefit 
    The Virgil and Tombstone Benefit is paid as a lump sum.
  5. Waiver of Premiums Benefit 
    In the event of death or total disability of the policy holder (principal member), 50% of expected premiums in respect of members covered under the policy will be waived.

For information on coverage, how premiums are paid, how to claim and more questions, please check the FAQs here.

FSG Zimbabwe 
Family Funeral Plan for Individuals

This plan offers you the following CORE BENEFITS

  • Funeral Services (High End Hearses, Top of range Caskets, Family Escort Vehicle, Mortuary Services, Grocery & Ceremonial Cow Allowances, as well as Mourners Transport to and from Burial place, amongst other benefits)

On this package the following come as OPTIONAL RIDERS

  • Total and Permanent Disability Cover
  • Hospital Cash Back Benefit
  • Double Accident Cover
  • Memorial and Tombstone Cover
  • Premium Waiver Benefit

Funeral Services are outlined but not limited to the following:

  • Providing 24 hour mortuary facilities;
  • Closely interacting with the family to determine their needs, provide advice and secure important logistical arrangements;
  • Providing transport services to the mortuary;
  • Offering professional embalming services and any special restorations;
  • Providing full hearse service and family courtesy vehicles;
  • Chapel for memorial service;
  • Very wide range of coffins and caskets to choose from;
  • Design, layout and supply of funeral programs;
  • Facilitate overseas repatriation of the deceased;
  • Wide range of wreaths;
  • Tents & chairs.

Informal Group Funeral Plans

FSGZ Assurance products cater for social groups formed with registered membership of a minimum of 20 individuals who share similar characteristics or interests. We cover burial societies, churches, football clubs, choir teams and family groups.

Corporate Group Funeral Plans

Corporate Group Schemes are tailor-made to organisational requirements to cover employees as corporate responsibility and welfare of the workforce.

Informal Group and Corporate Group schemes come with the standard funeral services and lower individual premium rates.